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01. Kernelly
Kernelly is my moral support and greatest helper. He's the one that managed to convince me into making a new Fansite Kit and greatly helped me with collecting most of the images for the kit. Besides that, Kernelly is a main translator for russian and polish section of the website.
02. Amperion
Without my friend Amperion there wouldn't be this project. First calculators were in fact on his website (core upgrade, rune upgrade). He also helps me with any question either related to programming or stuff around DSO. Also, Amperion runs his own website for Czechoslovak community of the game: http://dso-almanach.cz/.
03. Иγχ
Thanks to Nyx this project can be available even for the German community of the game. He's the main translator for the german section of the website and a good friend.
04. Cosmaz
Turkish translation wouldn't be possible without Cosmaz. Thanks to him, most of the web pages are translated into Turkish. Besides that, Cosmaz greatly helps locate and report issues with precision and speed.
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